Nagios configuration question


define service{
use generic-service ; Name of service template to use

hostgroup_name			smb-servers
service_description		SMB
is_volatile			0
check_period			24x7
max_check_attempts		3
normal_check_interval		3
retry_check_interval		1
contact_groups			tsc-admins
notification_interval		120
notification_period		24x7
notification_options		u,c,r
check_command			check_tcp!$HOSTADDRESS!139

I have a host group for Samba servers and I’m trying to create a service definition that’s using check_tcp to check port 139 on each host.

First of all, if there’s a better way to check for Samba being up, please let me know.

Second of all, how do you specify the arguments to a check command?