Nagios core 3.2.1 Released


Nagios Core 3.2.1 has just been released and can be downloaded from
This latest stable release include several bug fixes, including fixes for compilation under Fedora and Solaris and incorrect check scheduling when time changes occur.

[list]]Link to allow scheduling downtime for all services on a host (Hendrik Baecker)/]
]Speedup to CGIs when lots of comments or downtimes in status.dat file (Jonathan Kamens)/]
]Patch for new_mini_epn to allow for any command line length without breaking extra trailing or leading whitespace (Ray Bengen)/][/list:u]
[list]]Fix for incorrect scheduling when time has gone back an hour (partial fix for 24x7)/]
]Fix for compile on Fedora Core 3 (bug #0000082)/]
]Fix for compile on Solaris/]
]Fix for logging test, which was not timezone aware (bug #0000077 - Allan Clark)/]
]Trivial cleanups for autoconf (Allan Clark)/]
]Fix for CSS validation of padding: X/]
]Fix for documentation re: case-insensitive nature of custom variables (Marc Powell)/]
]Fix for template configurations which use negated wildcards (Tim Wilde)/][/list:u]