Nagios date problem


I am running Nagios 3.0.6 on Alix PC board which has not a battery for saving system clock, so after reboot date is set to default 1970-01-01 before running ntp-client which set to actual time. From my snapshot you can see that Nagios will check some services next time in 2019 and that is a problem :wink:

Could you please help me how to fix this problem ?

Thank you, marxin


have you tried rescheduling the services, stopping nagios, and checking thet ntp is active begfore retarting nagios on startup?
could be it somehow got the 1970 date before NTP started and there’s some oveflow of the date counter.


You were right that I added ntp-client before nagios and time is now OK, but is there any command which will erase all nagios database infos like check scheduling, duration time and so on ?

Thank you, marxin


i think you have to delete the retention.dat fikle, but i’m not sure… i think you could make a try stopping, renaimng the file and restarting nagios and seeing what happens… sorry. haven’t reinstalled nagios and can’t cehck on my own install.


You were right, it is exactly this file :wink: Thank you