Im having problems installing nagios-DB. There is a fresh install of Nagios 2 on the server.
The first question i had was how i find out which version of the NEB API im running so that i can enter it into this part of the inserter.c file:

/* specify event broker API version (required) */

The next problem i am having is with the comand to create it. The make file suggests:

-I/usr/local/src/nagios/nagios-cvs/include -I/usr/local/pgsql/include /usr/pgsql/lib/libpq.a

but neither of these exist on my system, so predictably its throwing up errors left right and center!!

I have changed /usr/pgsql/lib/libpq.a to /usr/lib/ which seems to have worked, but am unsure what to do with the rest.

To try and work them out i tried “find / -name nagios.h” or “find / -name broker.h” but nothing was returned.

Could the problem be that i installed form the rpm? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!