Nagios Escalation


i was wondering if it is possible to escalate the notifications. Like:
that you can define that if a service Critical has been occured somebody should be notified(which is possible and is already done ) but if the service problem hasn’t been solved within an amount of time ( like 24 hours), notifications should be sent to some else with more authority. so by this you have 2 different groups of admins. first level is a normal admin and if problems aren;t solved within the given time, the notifications will be send to the other admin group( the upperhand).

i don’t know if that 's actually possible. i checked the document but i couldn’t find anything.

Any idea’s appreciated.
Thanks very much in advanced.

Absolutely possible, you want to set a serviceescalation{} block for the service, e.g.

define service{
host_name voiprouter
service_description SIP Router


define serviceescalation{
host_name voiprouter
service_description SIP Router
first_notification 3
last_notification 5
notification_interval 90
contact_groups level_2_notifications

Sounds like you might not yet have discovered the online docs for Nagios, see:



thanks very much m8,
i guess i should’ve looked better :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again…