Nagios Functionality Question


Hello everyone,

I’m a new adopter of NagiOS here. I have some questions regarding NagiOS.
Scenario :
I want to monitor a website if it is currently up. Using Nagios, pinging and tracert to the site reveals a successful connection, but when using a direct URL, the site is not up. Example: I can ping, tracert, and active check but when i open any web browser and type in the URL, I am not being redirected

  1. Does my answer lie with passive checks?
  2. How can I do passive checks? Anyone kind enough to show me a step by step guide to it. Already read it from the online documentation. Correct me if I’m wrong, NagiOS just wants in 0,1,2 as input that’s all?
  3. I plan on using XSQL as the “external” application. Any tips, suggestions on how to tackle my problem?

Hoping for a quick response from everyone.


Anyone? tt



You can check reachability of URLs with the check_http plugin from the nagios server, or using nrpe if you want to monitor it from a node other than the nagios server.

for information on the check_http plugin see:

check_http --help

I hope this helps!


Will look into this. Thanks sharamun