Nagios help



I have a perl script which returns data in the following format -

AppName : BillingApp
"status" = “OK”;

AppName : PaymentApp
"status" = “WARN”;

AppName : OrderApp
"status" = “ERROR”;

AppName : RegApp
"status" = “FATAL”;

the output consists of 100+ apps, with each one of them returning their status.

Here is what I need -

Want to create a wrapper script which returns a cumulative summary. I need a step by step instructions on how to hook a script like this into nagios?

What I desire -

Instead of a cumulative result, can I display the result in Nagios on a per application basis using this one script (and a wrapper script on top of it)?
I would need clear instructions here.

If you can also provide me with a wrapper script for reference in relation to how the result can be presented to Nagios that would be great.

Please help!!



Has someone tried a combination of check_htp and check_multi?