Nagios Host Detail


I’ve gotten Nagios set up, configured mostly how I want, sending out e-mail notifications, and everything seems to be running along happily. For what I’m looking for Nagios is just rocking along. My question is: suppose I want to have a webpage my users can hit to see the status of all my servers. You’ve seen them before, online games use them a lot so they don’t get flooded by e-mails if a server goes down because there’s an easy location for people to go to in order to see the status of servers and that the staff is aware there is an issue. I notice that the Host Detail page is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. Is there a way to just display that page without logging into Nagios? Or, if it requires a login, is there any way I can create a login for my standard users that just has that page for them to view? I don’t want them to be able to get in and play around with the notifications or schedule outages… I just want them to be able to see what servers are up.


There is a way. You can add users:

Then in the cgi.cfg file in /etc/nagios/ set the permissions for added user.

For the web page you want them to access, you can write a shell script which would be executed (for example) every minute from crontab.
In that script you could do a wget of the Host Details page and then save it to some file, for example, servers.html
That file should be saved in a folder where your other server’s local web pages are located. Then just give those people a link to that page and their username and password to access it.


Thanks Albin!