Nagios host hard state problem


I have got a host error as following:

Host Status: DOWN (for 2d 16h 22m 4s)
Status Information: CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (WBQALAB07)
Performance Data:
Current Attempt: 1/10 (HARD state)

Why it only try one time and then get a hard state? (I think it should be 10/10 to get a hard state according nagios doc since first no-ok state is a soft state. Anyone meet this problem before?



This is what Nagios does: (Correct me if I’m wrong)

When something is unreachable/down it goes in a SOFT state.
In SOFT state, it rechecks x many times, where x is the amount you’ve selected.
When reaching the last check, for example 10/10, and still no response, it enters a HARD state.
After some time it will go to 1/10 HARD state, and remains 1/10, since it has already done it’s checks.

BUT, it could be that I’m just wrong about this. :slight_smile: