******* Nagios Install Error . Question *****

Linux Experts,
:idea: After following the insturctions to install Nagios on Fedora Core, I did a ./configure install path and did the default config, but when trying to install it gave me an error saying.

" no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH". How do I troubleshoot this problem.


Did you log into a normal user account and then su to another? If so, did you use “su -l” to pickup their login stuff?

Do you have gcc installed? Did you select to install development tools when you installed Fedora? If not, you’re gonna be spending some time installing various libraries and compilers.

To see if gcc is installed, as root do a “rpm -q gcc”. If gcc isn’t installed, you can probably start with “yum -install gcc”. If you just built this box specifically for deploying nagios, consider re-installing and selecting to install most or all of the development tools, if you aren’t familiar with compiling on linux this will save you a ton of time in satisfying dependancies.


Yeah, I have some systems running Fedora Core 3 and 4, and made sure to install the above-mentioned devel tools. My problems with Nagios were only configuration errors; not intallation. That’s most-likely where your problem lies.

I don’t think Fedora Core 4 installs GCC by default even if you choose the “Server” option.

Make sure you select to install the optional “Development” package. You’ll also need to manually install gdlib if you want the status map as that isn’t an option within Fedora at all.

I never use the “Server” install. I do “Custom”, and devel packages are always a must for my installs.
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