Nagios install


hi guys I need to set up my nagios for 02 customers on the same server, how can I do it for 02 separate customers config, hostgrous, hosts, services… config files, reports and maps

  • should i use 2 nagios compiled on the same server such as /etc/nagios/customer1 and /etc/nagios/customer2 ?
  • should i use 1 nagios compiled and 02 apache virtual directories?

remember: each customer needs to see it’s own status map, 3d map, “isolated nagios configuration”, reports, etc.

how can i Do it?


use different paths during the configure part of the install. change the names of the executables and create different config directories. Be sure to correctly assign the different paths to the apache configs and it should work.
I think it will not be possible using precompiled packages.


h man , thank you for the answer
I used the nagios tarball and compilled two nagios each one on it’s separated directory
/etc/nagios/nagios1/ and /etc/nagios/nagios2/ where in nagios1 and nagios2 has it’s own bin, config and all others files

and now i’m getting a lot of erros to access each nagios config
/var/www/nagios/nagios1/ and /var/www/nagios/nagios2/
i’ll try to read each nagios.conf on /etc/apache2/conf.d/ directory
each nagios /etc/apache2/conf.d/nagios1.conf and nagios2.conf and another-nagios.conf

Thiago Beier


Not sure what installation instructions you are following but /etc/nagios isn’t nearly a standard path for nagios config files :slight_smile:

can you get instance1 to run correctly?


I used the /etc/nagios/customer1/ and /etc/nagios/customer2 coz on ./configure we can customize all info about the new nagios installation process just it!

My problem right now is on the apache configs :oops: