Nagios Installtion on Ubuntu 6.10 Please Help!


I was following the quickstart guide at … buntu.html

but I am at a loss now, because in step 4 it tells me to edit /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/contacts.cfg but no objects folder exists and I have searche d the hd and there is no contacts.cfg

so I decided to skip the step and then step 5 tell me to make install-webconf in the appahce conf.d directory but I keep getting

make: *** No rule to make target `install-webconf’. Stop.

I am a total linux noob and have no idea what that means.


It is important to follow all the steps. Go back to step 4. You’ll need to find the contacts.cfg file. Use ( find / -name “contacts.cfg” ) at the command line and note the path where the file is located. Then edit the file as indicated in step 4 and then go to the next step. Post your next issue.


I ran into the same problem on step 4, no objects directory was created. Tried the find command and it returned nothing. I pressed on with the quick start installation and no other errors came up.
Not sure what this will affect, but I’m sure I’ll find out.


yup…me 2…
can any one tell us the way to solve this problem?


do you have minimal.cfg file instead?
if so, then configure the settings in this file (go to and see there a “how to” install Nagios. There is a section dedicated about minimal.cfg file.)

After this, go to nagios.cfg and comment out all lines like cfg_file=/etc/nagios/bla…bla…bla…
and enter a new line which says cfg_file=/ **enter the minimal.cfg file pathe here ***

Thus, you are telling Nagios to use minimal.cfg instead of contacts.cfg and all the other .cfg files…

But if you don’t have minmal.cfg installed either…I dunno…