Nagios is down?


I’m using a harshly outdated version of Nagios (1.3). I’m using it, because it is an RPM build an djust makes it easy with SUSE, and if an update ever comes it’ll do it automatically. We got it working just fine, except for the fact that under “Process Information,” it states that a Nagios service cannot be found and it is in a Critical state.

However, it is running. I did a “ps aux” and there are a couple processes dedicated to Nagios. I was wondering why it would show this information, when the process is infact running? Thank you.


Well, you would most likely know the answer, if you had installed from source. But alas, you didn’t.
Take a look at the cgi.cfg file, or wherever you defined the :
directive. If you have no idea, then just grep for it, to find out where and what it is.
Then run the command as user nagios, and see what you get for output.
I know that when I had version 1.x, I had to use a different command to do the job.