Nagios.lock file issue


I am having a tuff time getting my second nagios box running. When I try to start nagios I get the following error message:

No lock file found in /usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.lock

No matter what I do it will not work. Even if I create the file manually. A few other posts I found said it is related to a problem in the nagios.cfg file. However when I verify the configuration is correct it comes back fine. No errors and no warnings. I can’t find any other info about the error. Any help would be great.


All set. It was all a permissions issue. Dumb a$$ that I am. Didn’t realize a few files were not using nagios nagios. Oh well. I fixed it.


Good catch. Many problems are related to permissions.


What was your solution because I have exactly the same problem?


His solution was he fixed the permissions on ALL of the files for nagios.