Nagios log file format v1 to v2?


I upgraded from nagios-1 to nagios-2 several months ago, and would like to migrate my old log files to be usable for availability reporting (avail.cgi, etc.). The simple step of moving the old files into the archive directory didn’t quite work out for me, though… :frowning: Whenever I try attempt to generate any reports using date ranges which fall in the older v-1 logs, avail.cgi segfaults.

Any ideas? How have others handled migrating historical host and service data from v1 to v2?

Thanks - Chuck


I"ve never done this, but I have to ask, is that data really needed? Since you have had 2.0 running for months now, it seems that 2 months of data is all that is needed.


Have compared the file format between the logs? Open 'em up and see if u find any differences.


If the log files are the same, then perhaps it’s a permissions problem.


jakkedup – Our business requires availability data over the past year (which is how long we have running any version of nagios). I’m not sure where specifically “two months” would come into play. Out of the box, the CGIs will allow availability data analysis over the past two years.

SonOfThunder – Yes, I’ve certainly reviewed the logs in detail, and there are a number of differences in both content and formatting. Without digging through the source of the CGIs, though, I’m not certain how much of that I’d have to change for the v2 CGIs to parse the v1 data, which is what brings me to asking my question here.

jakkedup – Permissions, ownership and file naming are consistant between old and new log archives.

I’m certain I could slog through the process of figuring out how to munge the files myself, but it seems silly to re-invent the wheel if someone else has already does this – which brings me back to my basic question of what others have done for availablity reporting when they upgrade from v1 to v2.

Thanks - Chuck