Nagios.log file permissions



I’m working on a site that is using nagios (v2.9) and Tripwire.
The nagios log is currently being written to /var/log/nagios, no problems so far!

I’m not sure if nagios itself is doing something but the permissions on the log file keep changing from 640 to 664.
I’ve set the umask for the nagios user to 0027 so all files “should” be created with 640 permissions.
If I create a file as the nagios user, as expected the default permissions are 640.

Tripwire is picking up and whining about any files in /var/log/ that have more permissive attributes than 640. I’m perplexed as to why the permissions change!

Any help apreciated.


not sure how nagios has been installed, but ususally the log file is in /usr/local/nagios/var. You should be able to change that changing the nagios.cfg file…

be advised that you are running on quite an old version of nagios.