Nagios logfile structure



I’m currently working at a program which parses the logfiles of several services running on our grid for interesting infos. So I would need something like the structure of Nagios’ logfiles and how particular events (faliures, infos, warnings, etc) are stored.

I already searched most of the Nagios forums for information like that but didn’t find anything useful for now. If I didn’t look close enough then please if you write some RTFM posts then also be so kind to provide me a link so the manual I should read :frowning:

greetz dommlic


I’ve never seen anything on the “format of the logfile” anywhere.


hmm then could you please in some way tell me how I could probably access Nagios’ logfiles.


Dunno what you mean. Is this a trick question?
view /usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.log
works for me.


Froget that question about accessing a logfile, I just thought into the wrong direction. In my case NAgios is running anywhere on the grid and I don’t have a clue how the logfiles look like and the guy who manages our nagios is currently not available (holiday or something) so my original question was how the entries in a nagios logfile (with default logging configuration) would look like, concerning the single lines in the file. Talking of something like this:
INFO etc…
WARN etc…

So how do the entries in nagios look like? Because unfortunately I’m not really able to access one of those by now… :roll:


That seems to be a large request. There are entries for host, services, notifications, and on, and on…
it would take far too much of my time, to sort this,when all you need to do, is to login to that nagios box, and look at the log files yourself.


Yeah, I’ll do so, I just thought that there maybe exist pages that describe the entries, like those I found for GRAM ( …
But thanks anyway :frowning: