Nagios monitoring windows server needed


Hi.I have my nagios1.2 up and running fine.I have installed nagiosplugins -1.4…nagios is monitoring all linux servers very accurately…now i want to monitor few of my windows servers.Plz can anyone tellme how should i go or start with it.wht exactly will i need to install.
Can anyone give me proper steps for monitoring windows servers.



You monitor a windows box just like a linux box if you are using active monitoring. Just use the check_http or check_ping/check_fping plugins or any of the other plugins you need to monitor whatever service is running on the windows server. I would imagine there are some windows-specifc plugins on Remember to specify plugin commands in the checkcommands.cfg file. The syntax is:

#use check_snmp_apcups to check various public strings on an ap9617
#equipped APC UPS
define command {
command_name check_snmp_apcups
command_line $USER1$/check_snmp_apcups -H $HOSTADDRESS$

see the documentation for more info
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Then what is nsclient for.?is monitoring of windows server is similar to linux server?



Do you want to do passive monitoring with a nagios client? I don’t have any experience with that, only active monitoring. Check the documentation on setting up clients; I think there is a windows client, don’t know how it works.


I want to do active do u mean i will use the plugins for windoes and use them in nagios as i am monitoring otehr linux servers.where will i put those plugins?in libexec?