Nagios Noob :)


Hi Guys,

I’ve got Nagios all set up now, monitoring SMTP and PING on a few of our customers which is great, also email notifications are working.

I have a a host group set up with a few servers in that are currently monitoring PING and SMTP, now some of these customers i know for a fact do not have a mailserver so i’d like to remove SMTP from a couple of users within this group whilst keeping PING. However, i’m not sure how to edit checks for services at individual customer level within a group. Do i need to set up a whole new group for users without a mailserver?

Thanks guys for any help you can provide. :smiley:


I’m assuming that you’re using host groups for managing your groups. Is this correct?
If so you this syntax should work for you.

define service{
        hostgroup_name   !excluded-servers,included-servers
; your mail server check goes here

All you should need to do is create a new host group that contains the names of the servers you don’t want to have checked. The rest of your existing structure should remain unaffected.


That’s brilliant.

Thank you very much mate!