Nagios notification bug



i have a nagios 3.0.3 installation, and today i discovered the following issue (bug).

I have some hosts grouped in a hostgroup. I have a service check for the hostgroup including all those hosts. The notification for that service should be sent by sms and by e-mail to me for that specifically service. So, i had 3 services in hard warning state. They have been in that state for days. So today i decided to take care of the problems. I solved the first problem, i got e-mail and sms. Solved the second problem, i got e-mail and sms. After solving the third service problem, i only got e-mail and no sms. All services are part of the same service template and there is no difference between the settings of the services or no extra configuration for the service that sent me only the e-mail.

Did it happen to any of you?



Have you checked nagios.log. What did it say for that particular svc notification?
Do you have any service escalation definitions?

Maybe you should post the service template and all three service definitions here so we could analyse them. Also the part of nagios.log that tells about notifications would be helpful.

Also check the mail.log and syslog for any error messages in that period.

Does that happen every time in such scenario?