Nagios NRPE timeouts & Pings DOWN


I recently setup a new Nagios server v3.2.0 to replace our aging Nagios server which was v2.6. All of them are running.

The new one is sitting on hardware (albeit old) that is twice as fast and has twice as much memory as the old. But
every now and then (sometimes quite often) I would get a status that the Server its monitoring is down because of the ping checks. (I know for certain it is not via pinging from the Nagios server itself and the response time is less than 1ms!) Also every now and they I would also get the dreaded “Check_NRPE: Socket timeout after 10 seconds” message on Nagios.

I am certain there is nothing going on with our remote servers since this never happened before with my old Nagios monitoring system. I even have both of the Nagios monitoring system up and every now and then the new Nagios server would generate the status message mention above.

Does anyone have any suggestions or have ran into this problem before? Thanks…