Nagios on Open Suse 11.0


Hi i decided to give open suse 11 a test run on my test server. I comes with SNMP, mrtg and nagios already reinstalled. After the usual configuration edits it was up in record time.

Howvever all my swiches report “SNMP Problem - no data received from host” The configurations are exactly the same for mandriva2008 and suse 10.3 which have no errors.

Can anyone plesae help?

PS: Nagios version 3.0
Nagios_plugins 1.4


Well, there are so many things that could go wrong when polling via SNMP network equipments.
In short, you should check
-the SNMP version used
-the community
-the ACL on the switchs (is your server authorized ?)
-the routes (does your server know the route to the switch ? and does the switch know the route back ?)

Also, check the logs on the switches: do they see the SNMP request ?


Sorry I can’t help you further, but as you can see, there are quite a lot of things that can be wrong, and almost all are outside nagios (check the command definitions, just in case …)