Nagios on redhat cluster

Hi all.
I need to install nagios in a cluster solution.
I will use 2 nodes and 1 shared storage.

Is there any contradiction to do this?
I cannot find this solution in the installation documentation.

Really thanx

Here is how I have it running on a 2 node Red Hat Cluster.

Nagios is installed on the GFS filesyste "/gfs/app/nagios"
Both systems are identical so all I did is copy the init script to both systems, and configure the cluster to have an IP with the nagios script attached.

            <service autostart="1" name="nagios">
                    <ip ref="10.2.1.XXX">
                            <script ref="nagios"/>

Hope this helps


Apache is chkconfig’d on

so I use an active / passive type cluster.

you could use cluster suite to start the apache service if you liked.

When we get to his point I will have all of my HA apps compiled and installed onto the GFS so I can run them like nagios is setup now.

Currently have LDAP configured like this and it works like a charm