Nagios Overview Email


Basically my situation is I have a number of servers which are being monitored as well as a number of much less important lab machines. I have the servers being checked every 5 mins and what not plus email notification. The lab machines however I don’t really care to have email notifications on a machine by machine basis. What I would really like to have is something like the tactile overview page emailed to me once a day just to see if any of those machines are down. Basically showing a total number of ok, warning, critical etc plus maybe the machine names that aren’t ok. Anyone done something like that or perhaps know at least a way to get started on something like this?

Thanks for the help, I’ll be glad to describe things further if that wasn’t as clear written out as it was in my head.



Well I sort of figured this out on my own after I had some free time to explore. The nagiostats in /usr/local/nagios/bin was just the ticket. A little perl script to sort out what I’m actually after and bam I’m in business.