Nagios Paging


Hello All -
I have nagios up and running and am getting notifications via e-mail but want to know the best options for having notifications sent via paging with nagios.

First, I would like to configure Nagios to e-mail text to a pager then after getting that to work I would like to be able to dial out through a modem to send the pages.

I’ve read a little about qpage and sendpage software packages but really don’t know which software package will best suit my needs. Could anyone point me in the right direction as far as my paging needs and also what all will have to be configured in Nagios? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Most pagers have the ability to be paged via the web (or actually and email), so setting up a pager notification is nothing more than the correct email addy to do this function.

As far as dialing out from a modem to send the page, indicates to me that you have no internet access or email access unless you use a modem. If that is correct, then that is something outside the scope of nagios, and doesn’t apply. All that nagios cares about is whether it can or can’t send an email out. It’s up to you to provide that access.


My first goal was to get e-mail notifications. I’ve done that. Now, I want to have a pager notify me when a hard state change occurs.I have no idea how to tell nagios to send a notification to a pager.

Could you point me in the right direction for that? Thanks in advance. : )


The docs say it better than what anyone else could. … ml#contact

It appears you haven’t read them yet, so please, take the time (since we all have done so already) and read every last word in the docs. I guarentee you that you will have a better understanding of how nagios works and just what it can do for you.