Nagios ping config


Hi. Can I make nagios ping a host every 1sec or 2 seconds continuous.


Yes, but why would you do that?


I am having 2 gig links going from our site to a DR site. I would like to monitor these links for a full 24 hours by nonstop ping to see any loss.


I hate to say this, but wouldn’t it be much easier to start a ping in a linux console or even a windows command line, and let it run?
making nagios run the plugin every 1 or 2 seconds, still would not give you the results you really are looking for. A linux ping in a terninal window, will tell you alot more about the connection, that a periodic ping (1 or 2 seconds) will.
But, anyway, yes, nagios can do that.


Yes, I agree with your thoughts. But the reason I would like to do with nagios is also because of reporting. Moreover the nagios server is near my source switch which has the Gig link and nagios server itself is connected to the switch with a Gigabit port. So chances of loosing a ping packet in between with any more hops is less. Do i need to specify a,
retry_check_interval 2
to make it 2 secs.