Nagios-plugin - make install errors


[blockquote]websql02:~/downloads/nrpe-2.12# make install-plugin
cd ./src/ && make install-plugin
make[1]: Entering directory /root/downloads/nrpe-2.12/src' /usr/bin/install -c -m 775 -o nagios -g nagios -d /usr/local/nagios/libexec /usr/bin/install -c -m 775 -o nagios -g nagios check_nrpe /usr/local/nagios/libexec /usr/bin/install: cannot statcheck_nrpe’: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [install-plugin] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/downloads/nrpe-2.12/src’
make: *** [install-plugin] Error 2

It’s a Debian box


Read the NRPE documentation and do exactly like it is written there. I guess you have missed to issue some commands necessary for complete instalation.

And maybe apt-get on Debian?

You could search on internet search engines (Yahoo, Google) and find some decent answers for the issue.