Nagios Plugin to view front and back panel of devices

Hi all, can you say me if exist in nagios a plugin to view the use of front and back panel on network devices like switch and firewall?

I need to view used/free ports on the devices panel like the CiscoWorks Suite do.


check_snmp can be used to check the status of all ports on any switch. Nagios is not a gui tool to make pretty pictures of the lights on a switch that flash on and off. If you want to look at the pretty lights, then you need to use a tool designed for that switch.

But if what is important to you, that you know when a port goes down for an important server hosting files, then nagios is the tool to use.

If your device has the oid’s for viewing the status of LED’s, you can use check_snmp to check that status. For example, many devices have led’s that are red for error and green for OK. You query the oid for that LED, and if it returns RED, then you could be notified via email, or simply let nagios display the critical in the cgi page.

Many thanks for your info.