Nagios Plugins 1.4.9




The team are proud to announce the latest release of the Nagios
Plugins. The major changes are:

- Inclusion of contrib/check_cluster2 as check_cluster with some improvements
- New/improved -E/–skip-stderr and -S/–skip-stdout options for check_by_ssh
- check_snmp now supports Counter64
- Fix compilation of check_ldap, check_radius and check_pgsql
- check_load can optionally divide by number of cpus
- Fix check_time returning wrong OK when time is before the epoch on some arch
- Make check_http output more consistent
- Fix possible check_http segfaults when following HTTP redirects
- check_snmp don’t warn anymore if something is printed on stderr
- Fix check_tcp segfault when multiple expect strings are given
- New option for check_tcp: -A/–all to test if all given expect strings match

This release has been brought to you by Holger Weiss, Matthias Eble, Thomas Guyot-Sionnest
and Sean Finney. Matthias has also been working hard on getting the outstanding bugs in
Sourceforge down, so thanks to him for getting it into a manageable state.

Thanks to the community for taking the time to report bugs and suggest fixes.

You can get the latest download here:

T: +44 (0)870 787 9243
F: +44 (0)845 280 1725
Skype: tonvoon



Hi evert,

I have set up Nagios in our office enviorment we have 80 Linux servers and 150 Solaris server in that we have 5 solaris 10 and rest all the sun servers are running solaris 9.

I could able to complete the nagios and NRPE daemon installation on all the linux boxes and i am able to monitor the swap,load and users on all the servers

But problem is solaris servers i did a trial on one solaris 9 and solaris10 boxe i could able to install the NRPE daemon successfuly on both the sun servers without any problem. I had followed the same steps given in NRPE pdf file .

My confusion is how to start nrpe daemonin solaris in that you are telling one step to " make install-xinetd " but in solaris no xinetd concept then how it will start and i am getting error message also i ftry to ./check_nrpe -H my monitoring server error message is "NPRE Could not complete SSL handshake"
please help i am trying for this last one month .