Nagios plugins for oracle 10g


Hi there,

I’m on a quest for nagios plugins for oracle 10g.

Here is what I’ve found so far: – good
nagios-plugins-1.4/contrib/ – useless for 10g
nagios-plugins-1.4/plugins-scripts/ – useless for 10g
nagios-plugins-1.4/contrib/check_oracle_tbs – good
nagios-plugins-1.4/contrib/ – not sure yet

Where might I find more nagios plugins for oracle 10g (or 9i would be good too)?
Once I find them,
I’ll be nice and post my findings here!



I can’t help you there, but I can tell you that I heavily modified a check_oracle plugin to report correctly the free tablespace in a table. Point is, you might just be able to mod it slightly to get it to work.


I have installed and configure nagios with its all plugins successfully. Right now I am monitor disk space, load, total process etc. but may main goal is configure nagios to monitor Oracle database. I want to configure nagios such a way so that I can monitor oracle Instances, tablespaces, Arclog etc. I tried many time to configure this things but I haven’t succeed. I don’t have any idea how to configure. I got many plugins for oracle. But there is now documentation How to configure those plugins with nagios server as well as client side.

I will be very thanks full if any one suggest me or guide me How to do all this thing.

Thanks In Advance