Nagios problem with Dell OpenManage and Perc raid monitoring



I have set up nagios , and it works just fine monitoring standard snmp protocols , like fping , cpu load , mem load , even with Dell OpenManage Hardware status . The problem is that in the same package OpenManage should monitor perd raid status too , but when i try to get data back from the snmp i get this result : " SNMP returned unknown output: StorageManagement-MIB::arrayDiskState.1 = INTEGER: ready(1) " , i also what to add that from another nagios server i can get snmp data and it reads all oke , something like “Physical OK” from the same host. How can i compare the 2 nagios server to see what is configured wrong ? Or maybe a solution to my problem ?


Try a program like beyond compare that checks for changes in files then you can see what is different in the files.