Nagios Process time incorrect?


I am running opsview 0.3.2 whihc runs on top of Nagios. I noticed that the time shown for all my services and the Nagios Process itself is off. It’s not just a time zone thing either, it says that the time is 12-06-2008. I’m not sure how it is getting that date. I have done the apache2 server-status and it has the correct time shown there. It even has the correct time shown in the gray box in the top left of the nagios screen

Nagios Process Information
Last Updated: Thu Jun 12 16:23:12 EDT 2008
Updated every 30 seconds


I don’t really get what you’re trying to say. As I can see the times meantioned here, everything is ok. 12-06-2008 is ok. (date format: DD-MM-YYYY)

Or am I missing some big point here?


Yes, I figured out after posting my question that the date time is DD-MM-YYYY instead of MM-DD-YYYY like I had thought. However it still does not solve the issue of the time being different 16:23:12 vs 15:05:28

Any ideas on that? Thanks!


Program Start Time: 12-06-2008 15:05:28
It is a program start time. I suppose it is the time when Nagios process started. Try to stop it and then start it again, so you could verify that. I think that is the fixed variable, 'cause when you add Program start time to Total running time you should get the present time.