Nagios report a SSL handshake error but in NRPE works


Hi to all people,

First of all, this place looks great and I want to give my congratulations to all users.

Then, I’m trying to explain my problem with Nagios. I have a develop platform with some different OS. I have 2 servers with Red-Hat v5.3 in 64bits. I have some problems with they. I configured the checks as other linux servers (Red-Hat v5.1 and v4.4) and I have no problems whit they, but in the RHE v5.3, Nagios WebGUI report a SSL handshake problem. I go to the Nagios Masterserver and run a manual check to these servers. All ok, no problems with the SSL or any command argument.

I compiled the NRPE with the OS default SSL Library (OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008
) and I enable the command arguments. The NRPE is v2.12 and the Nagios Masterserver is v3.1.2.

No problems with manual check, but the automated check give me this intermittent problem.

Any idea?



sometimes it works sometimes not?
try raising the timeout a bit.


Thanks for the reply.

If the problem was the timeout, the report was Socket Timeout or something like that. Nagios response that is an SSL Handshake problem. By command, NRPE respond very fast and well, by GUI way, Nagios report a SSL Handshake problem.

The services are continuing in a flapping state.

I did some ping test, and the latency is around 0.5 ~ 0.6 ms. Is not slow…

Uhm, any new idea? :smiley:



are you running the command line tests as nagios?


Yes, I did. With command line, the results is well, not in WebGUI. The problem is only in this server, all checks (around 325 services in checking) works fine to me.

Do you need any additional info?



not using NRPE i can’t mak eany test… i was just thinking of the possibe problems… sorry. possibly somebody else can help you :slight_smile:


Thanks anyway for your time.

Any other idea? :stuck_out_tongue: