Nagios running (host alive checks) not updating web interfac


Run into a strange issue, nagios was runing (great I might add) just been adding hosts continuously -

However, now Nagios is not updating the web interface, several items are stuck with:
server1 UP N/A 0d 1h 32m 12s
Next Scheduled Active Check: N/A

I see the pings going out to all of the hosts, servers, routers, switches…etc in my logs on those devices however nagios suddenly just stopped updating the web interface with current MS delay and items of that sort… any ideas ???


Actually - I take that back

Nagios is not updating Host Detail section of the site

But it is updating Service Detail… with appropriate MS delay and etc. information.


PERHAPS is it that i’m only checking services, right? yeah - i’m only checking services so I’m not checking hosts.

But by default does nagios start checking a particular host after a service fails, say ping for instance to show the host is down? instead of the default “up” status if service is ok?