Nagios scheduled downtime


Is it possible to schedule downtime for an entire nagios hostgroup?
I have a major maintainence this weekend and was wondering how to schedule downtime for nearly about 70 hosts.
Thank you.


I suppose you would have to try it out. I’m sure it’s possible, since you can define a service check for an entire group of host via one hostgroup entry right?


After a lot of digging I finally was able to find out how to do it. Thank you


could you please till me how to do this where i have to set or any configuration is required even i have major maintanace i have around 150 sun servers are here and 100 linux box right now i could able to configure nagios in linux i don’t know how to start nrpe in solaris 9 if posssible could you please share this both information

i could able to do install nrpe successfuly in solaris 9 but don’t know how to start nrpe service is it required any entry in /etc/inetd.conf