Nagios Service Detail Page Never Fully Loads


I’m having a problem with the Service Detail Page of Nagios never fully loading. Other pages for Nagios such as Tactical Overview, Host Detail, Hostgroup Overview, etc. load without an issue. When I go to load Service Detail, it gets to anywhere from 71%-90% and just sits there. It has currently been sitting there for 3 minutes and 12 seconds and hasn’t fully loaded yet. This presents a problem because the refresh rate (which I modified to 15 seconds) doesn’t kick in. It was all working fine before I rebooted the machine for some updates. I’m running it on Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop 64-bit. I’ve also restarted Apache and Nagios, but still no luck. Any clues as to where the problem lies?


Correction. I fixed it. It just needed another reboot for some reason.