Nagios Stable (1.x) or Beta (2.x) For Production?

Looking around it doesn’t say really is there larger differences in stable or not and my experience tells that in SOME projects beta is better as it is simply soo much more up-to-date and can do so much more.

So i would like to hear what people who have used nagios in the past and is experienced with it to tell the main differences and their preferences :slight_smile: (Plus ofc, any other hints & tips for a newbie with nagios)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Some people are having problems with nagios 2… it sometimes hangs and it’s quite difficult to notice it… (this problem can be solved with some scripting) and somebody is having problems even starting it.

If you want to be on the safe side start using nagios 1.2, get the sources and compile them by the books :slight_smile:

Upgrading to 2.x later isn’t too difficult, some file formats changed but it’s mostly a couple of lines to be added or removed.

Personally i’m now been using 2.x for 4 months and i (finally) got it working right… :smiley:

the only tips i would give from my side are take your time, read all the docs and use the sources and not an RPM package.
Plan AT LEAST a week for installing nagios the first time and don’t be scared at the idea of scratching everything and redoing the install if you have some problems… you possibly simply missed a step in the instructions, but it’s often easier to do it again (mainly if you are starting and testing only a couple of hosts) than trying to find the problem… :smiley:



Is nagios really so hard?
Hard to believe it would take veeery long time to get it working well…
Well i get to install it tomorrow and start fidling around

better plan enough time… :stuck_out_tongue:
To be honest it can take a month… or more…
a week is the time i think is needed to get into it and know how i tworks and how it’s configured… the rest is time spent configuring hosts, services and so on. Much depends on your knowledge odf linux (for the install) and of the network you are monitoring (for the nagios services setup).

After you installed you may want to answer the poll which is lost somewhere in this forum about how long it takes (most answers are 2 weeks) :smiley:


It’s not all that hard to install or work with, but I spend alot of time on it. There is just so much you can monitor that you are always adding stuff, adding graphs, making the icons pretty, etc.

But to get it working is simply following the docs and knowing your linux machine very well.

AT this time, I wouldn’t do 2.0beta, since it had to many things wrong out of the box.

For a first time installer like you, then it’s 1.2 or don’t even bother.
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