Nagios Stopped working

Hello all,
I’ve been using nagios for several months to monitor many hosts on our network and just last night before midnight it stopped working. I can access Nagios web interface but I can see that none of the service/host checks have updated since just before midnight. I’ve checked my /var/log/messages which doesn’t give me any helpful information. Atleast that I can see. In fact, nothing at all after midnight so I really don’t know what happened.

I’ve stopped the webserver as well as nagios altogether and rebooted the machine. Started the services again without error and nagios seems to be running fine but again, it’s not actively monitoring our devices. It just shows old info from last night before midnight. Please advise!!! :frowning:

Apologies for the panic. I’ve found the problem. :slight_smile:

Was it something specific for your setup? Or would it benefit others as well to hear about your problem & solution? 8)

Even if it’s just a typo, it would be helpful to know what happened.

disk full? :smiley:

Sorry for the delay folks, been having hardware failure on our Dell PowerEdge servers that needed full attention.

Regarding the mishap with Nagios. It was a total goof on my part. I was looking at the wrong time/date on service checks from when the previous host/services have failed and not the current time of the upcoming service checks. Again, many apologies for the panic. Much appreciation for your replies. Thanks!