Nagios summary displays


Hi all,

I notice that if you are viewing the web front end of a nagios install it marks all soft critical with red as well as hard critical. Is it possible to get it to display only the hard statuses on the front end?

The problem I’m having is that I have a dependency set up for a number of hosts
ie. it only carries out service check A if service B is currently up. However due to check scheduling it’s unavoidable that service A can go soft critical before service B goes hard critical. This works fine for notifications as it will only notify on hard state changes. In addition service B will always get to a hard state before service A can due to the configuration I have set.

However the nagios front end looks like a war zone with as much red as there is green (screenshot attached). Most of the red is soft criticals which are a result of the dependant service being down. The result it misleading in my opinion. In reality all those soft criticals are actual ‘unknown’.


possibly working a bit on the CSS and HTML files could help not sure if they are defined in a different way :slight_smile:


Unfortunately both soft criticals and hard criticals are tagged with the class “statusCRITICAL”. Looking at the html source there doesn’t appear to be a way to differentiate between the 2 (other than by following the link).

If there is no way to change this behaviour with config files, I guess I have to look at modifying the source code?


At this point possibly in the source they are differentiated and you could get them different by modifying that.
Consequence would be that at every updated you’d need to redo the same modification.
It’s probably easier to file a feature request on the nagios site… I’ve never done it so i’m not sure how :slight_smile: