Nagios Support


I have nagios monitoring remote servers. If nagios is unable to ping a server it automatically thinks its down. Some of the servers I need to monitor dont have ping enabled.

Is it possible to monitor a server even though ping is turned off?


yes it is.

add the “enable_active_checks 0” in your host definition.
Thus, Nagios will not check this host.



I have another issue

On one service I am getting this error

(Return code of 136 is out of bounds) 

Do you know what may cause this?


for any plug in launched by nagios, nagios is expecting an exit code of this plug in equal to
0, 1, 2 or 3.

With any other exit code, you’ll end up with a message “(Return code of XXX is out of bounds)”.

So, test your plugin in command line mode, and type “echo $?” after, to get its exit code.