Nagios to monitor syslogs

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating Nagios to replace a monitoring system we have in place. Our current monitoring system read log files and depending on certain messages we have created filters. Some of the messages invoke automated actions. I would like to know how easy it would be to create a similar setup using Nagios. Also are there any plugins that parse the syslog files.



You could try SEC. There was a write up about it in SysAdmin magazine a while back.

Google it for more info.

check_log plugin seems to work just fine. I’m parsing log files with it on 10 different Solaris machines.

Would you expand on that answer with information regarding how he might then invoke the automated actions? I assume it would incorporate eventhandlers somehow, but I’m not clear on how this would work overall.

Mike B.

Yes, use eventhandlers to perform the automated response. For example, if you find “httpd down” in the log file, then the eventhandler is fired off, and the daemon is restarted. I don’t really know what you mean by expand on my answer, since eventhandlers are covered in the docs. Please be more specific as to what you are missing.