Nagios to monitor windows servers


I’m trying to monitor windows servers by using nagios on a linux system. I have nagios up and running and it is now monitoring windows using nsclient. The problem is, nsclient only reports on basic stuff… I would like to expand on this to be able to monitor such stuff as, eventlogs, antivirus status, basically as much stuff as possible…

I have read into using net-snmp, which i have installed on linux. But i’m unsure about getting it setup in windows and linux to talk to eachother…

as far as I understand, i just need to install net-snmp as an agent, which reports “mibs” to the nagios computer…

would anyone know any guides on doing this? I have searched for hours on the net…



you can monitor through nsclient anything you find in the windows performance monitor…



You can monitor processes and services with check_nt -H x.x.x.x SERVICESTATE/PROCSTATE. Disk can be monitored with “$USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -v USEDDISKSPACE -l $ARG1$ -w 90 -c 95” or “$USER1$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -v COUNTER -l “\LogicalDisk($ARG1$:)\Free Megabytes”,”%.f free MegaBytes on $AR
G1$:" -w 300 -c 200" with PERFMON data.

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Ok thanks for the help. I already have it working with nsclient. I will add the NagEventLog and check that out. I would really like to get this working with snmp though…

So if anyone has any experience with monitoring windows using snmp and nagios (and not just nsclient) I need your help!

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This should get you started. I’m sure you can google for more. … gents.html

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