Nagios to replace other monitoring tools



Would Nagios be a good tool to use for monitoring 800+ linux machines? Is it possible to setup Nagios to send an email alert right at the time a machine goes down? Is it possible to setup Nagios to alert when disk space reaches a certain threshold?

For when a machine crashes, can you have Nagios make a list of which machines are down and report it every 5 minutes?

Nagios seems like a pretty strong tool. Thanks for your time!


yes, yes, yes and yes again :smiley:

If you check on the nagios website there are installations which check over a thousand machines.
You can make nagios send an alert any time. :slight_smile:
I am checking disk spaces on unix machines (snmp check which launches a df -k on the partition…)
For the last question you have the list of the machines in the host status display window.