Nagios User Restrictions and Taking it further?


Hello all,
I’ve been using Nagios for a while now and have come up with an idea, however i haven’t a clue if its actually possible or not. I know that within nagios users can login through htaccess file and from that nagios determines what the user is able to see in conjunction with that users contacts.cfg and contactgroup.cfg

I know that from that nagios only displays to that user what they have been given permissions to via their contact group and each service/host that specifies the contact group a user is in, the user can see the information for it.

I’ve since added other files to the server on a per host basis (like extra info type html file for a host and created a link from the host to the info via url) and i’m wondering if its at all possible to have these files locked under the same sort of restrictions, MEANING if a user tries to view a file by typing in the url but they are not in the contact group for that host, is it possible to use nagios user restrictions to stop them from viewing the file. Do i need to upload the file to perhaps specific positions in the nagios file structure, is it something i can do to edit the cgi so that my files can be included and then can only be viewed by a user logged into the nagios system in their browser and accessing only my files for which they are in the contact group of.

Hope people understand what i’m trying to achieve,
Thanks and regards,