Nagios v3 attempting to send emails out to $


I discovered on Friday afternoon that my nagios v3 installation is attempting to send emails out to $. I’ve verified my contacts.cfg and my notifications (in commands.cfg), and can find nothing wrong. The vast majority of the notifications are from disabled host/servervices. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



Just out of curiosity: did you upgrade your nagios from v2.x to v3 ?
if it is the case, I’d suggest you have a look at your command definition for your “notify-by-email” command: some variables have had a name change and it may be the cause of your problem.

and if not (ie: you’ve got a clean new installation of nagios)…I don’t know what could be the cause; but just in case, you could check what I said above :).
Either way, it may be the same problem as in this post … .php?11331

And to finish: if you can’t find the solution, please post some of your configuration settings (like contacts definition, contactgroups definition, service definition, commands definition…etc)