Nagios View Problem



First of all I’m not that much into either Linux or Nagios. So the explanation of the problem might be a bit off.

There is a weird problem in my Nagios Graphical Interface. (The http Nagios monitor)
When looking at either Service Detail or Host Detail Nagios displays old incorrect information.
(it’s also incorrect other places, but it’s easier to see here)

About half the time Nagios displays correctly all 6 hosts and the 20 services currently running the rest of the time Nagios only displays 5 hosts and 5 services. A setting I had two days ago.

The problem is not in the cash of the client. The same problem occur with another browser or client.

Somehow the old setting is still being shown even though it shouldn’t.
When looking at alert history report the problem is not visible.

Is the problem connected with the refresh rate value of the monitor?

Anyone know what the problem might be and how to fix it?
Does anyone understand what I’m talking about, or do I need to explain myself further?




Adfditional information:

I do not know if the problem has existed since Nagios was installed, or if it started yesterday, as our Nagios installation is new and not past the configuration stage yet.

I’m guessing the http Nahios monitor as I call it is officially called Nagios Webinterface.

My nagios is version 2.3.1


The problem is that you have used the “Restart the Nagios process” link in the “Process Info” page, or you have used the /etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios restart

Bottom line is, never use the restart function. If you change your config files and want to apply them, they use “reload” but never restart. If you do use restart, what you end up with many times, is just what you have. i.e. More than one nagios proc running.

So, do this.
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios stop
ps -ef|grep nagios
kill any that remain and verify they are all dead with the above ps -f command.
When you are sure they are all dead, then…
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios start.

In the future, use stop/start/reload but NEVER use restart.



Thank you very mush.

Such a simple answer to such an anoying problem.

10 points for you =)