Nagios warning Notification


Hello folks,

I have problem with Nagios email notifications. everything is working but I have no Idea how to set up not sending warning notification via email.

I want to see “yellow” services in nagios web interface, but I don’t want to receive emails about warning.
I have no Idea where I can stop warning notification.
I have around 500 emails per day with “warning” and this is really horrible.

it is because on Windows server I still “fight” with free space on disks.
on few servers I change notifications about free space from 80 to 90 percent and critical from 90 to 95 % but it is not solutions.

Can any one help me please?? how to stop sending warning email notifications??

I am sorry, I am begineer with nagios and Linux :slight_smile:


You disable the notifications in nagios.cfg file.


Well, I find notification but that stops all notification emails and I want stop “just” Warning emails. I want receive Critical emails :wink:


I think its not possible with nagios. I suggest you one thing. You try this.
You give path to all notifications to your /var/log/messages
then you can send notifications to your mail using rsyslog or syslog-ng based on the criticality


:frowning: I guess you dont have better solutions, I was afraid about this.
And how about Centreon?? I think about installation this “addon” for nagios. can this chosse which notification send???


Yes it can choose which notification to send and which notification not to send based on the their priority.
You can mention what ever priority you want to be send to your mail.


[blockquote]I think its not possible with nagios.[/blockquote] Yer it is…

[blockquote]define contact{

service_notification_options w,u,c,r,f,s
[blockquote]service_notification_options: This directive is used to define the service states for which notifications can be sent out to this contact. Valid options are a combination of one or more of the following: w = notify on WARNING service states, u = notify on UNKNOWN service states, c = notify on CRITICAL service states, r = notify on service recoveries (OK states), and f = notify when the service starts and stops flapping. If you specify n (none) as an option, the contact will not receive any type of service notifications. [/blockquote] … ml#contact

Thus, take the “w” out of your contact object.




Strides Woooooow Thank you I am going to test it :wink: