Nagios will not stop!

I have been using nagios for some time now and the other day I went to stop nagios. So I killed all the main process. The process stopped but nagios did not. I went to the webpage and it was still up! So I did a

Why don’t you try using the startup script to start and stop Nagios?

Nope this is a FreeBSD 5.4 system so no init.d :frowning: i didnt set this system up. if you can point me to a script that will work that would be grate.

Try using the cgi page to stop nagios.
“Process Info” link and then “Shutdown the Nagios process” link.
My guess is, it is down already, but your webpage is not refreshing.

dumb idea… are you ABSOLUTELY sure you killed nagios on the right server? it once happened to me while working on a test server… “hey i killed nagios and it still runs on web… whooooops wrong server” :smiley:

anyway even on freeBSD there are startup scripts. rc.d? something like that MUST be there. :slight_smile:
is the webpage refreshing and can you actually see new checks being perfromed? (check times updating)


Nagios starts lots of children. If yo don’t kill the master process, it won’t stop. There’s no way to tell which is which, except that the master usually has a PPID of 1 and is using the most cpu of any nagios process. If any checks are slow, you will have to wait for them to time out, and if any are hung or you kill the master with -9, the children won’t necessarily dies.

LOL yes I am on the right server, only have one server running nagios, but I wouldn

I’d make copies of the .cfg files, and install from source.