Nagios Windows Service Setup (Help)


Ok so I am new to this whole Linux thing and new to nagios.

I managed to build an Ubuntu box and install Nagios.

I have right now 2 Windows server 2003 computers setup on Nagios with the basic configs provided by nagios.

What I want to know is how to add more stuff. Where do I go to add the temp’s or add this service or warn me if this log comes up?

I have looked online and is there some sort of database of service strings I can add to monitor this or that?
I cant seem to find anything on the website and perhaps I am looking in the wrong spot.

I want to add more than what you just start out with. Can someone help me out?


Nagios is a very involved program. You need to read the docs…entirely.

linux gives you WAY more power, and WAY more flexibility. the trade-off is that you have to learn more than just how to click next and browse through some settings windows. If you’re really serious about linux, you’re going to have to start getting use to plowing through documentation!