Nagios with rrd tool

How to configure nagios with rrd tool like mrtg adn other which could be utilise for bandwidth management

Look for for nagiostat or nagiosgraph.
Personally i use nagiostat, it’s a bit complex to configure but works well. (don’t know if nagiosgraph is easier but from what i’ve seen in the forum it’s pretty much the same)


I use NagiosGraph and I have no complaints. I don’t know about Nagiostat. You also have APAN I believe.
I presume you have visited for plugins/addons?

I tried both nagiostat and nagiosgraph…but no success result. I cud not see the the graph link when I click on the service detail. DOnt know wat to do from know. I did as it was told in the nagiostat and nagiosgraph INSTALL file…but also cud not succeed. I test if nagios had some errors.but there was no error in running nagios.cfg file but also I cudnot have the link to show the nagiosgraph.cgi page

The link to the graph should have been created when you followed the instructions given in nagiostat. Please read the README file once again, and pay close attention to the last paragraph. It tells you exactly how to make that link. You don’t even have to restart nagios to have that link show up.